Working out What I Can Afford

I got this place here, it is about five or six blocks away from the campus and if the weather is good I just walk to class. I did not even bother to bring my car, in fact I sold it to my cousin who just got his license. I would like to have a car to do stuff in, but when you do the math it does not make that much sense. I have to worry about paying for rent and food, what sort of high speed internet plans are within our budget and most of all I have to worry about whether or not the other guy is going to be dependable. If you have some person to split the expenses it is all a lot easier to afford obviously. If your internet costs fifty dollars or thirty dollars, you want to pay half of it and you obviously want to pay half every month. People I know who have been through these situations have taught me that you really have to pick the right person to be your room mate.

I would have liked to have found a room actually. It is one less thing for you to worry about. If the other guy does not show up with his half of the rent or his half of the other expenses you can not really do too much about it. That guy has due process. He might not know it, but he can make you bend over backwards to throw him out of the place. Of course if your name is on the lease you are the one with the most rights and if your name is not on the lease, then you can just pack up your stuff and walk out with very little to worry about.

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