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Westchester County Center Seating ChartsI think that I broke my collar bone the other day, when I fell down my stairs. At first, I figured that I was okay, but now I have this sharp pain in the area where I imagine my collar bone is located. Now I am not sure about any of this, but it is just my speculation on the matter. Regardless, it needs medical attention, and I would like to find a doctor in westchester ny to visit for my problems.

I think that my shoulder is kind of messed up as well, but I do not think it is as bad of an injury, as the collarbone problem. I am worried that this is going to require surgery, or at the least, require a significant amount of time to recover. I do not like the thought of that, but I guess there is not really anything that can be done. I guess I learned a lesson about running down my steps.

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