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  • Having Our Own Gaming Server is Cool!

    When my brother and I started thinking about hosting a Minecraft server, we knew that we would have to find a cheap Windows VPS because we just don’t have a lot of money to throw around. We did want to do this though because we both love playing, and we knew that we would be able to make the game even more enjoyable by having our own server for it. I knew that we could not have a shared hosting site because there would just be too much traffic. We did not want the site to be slow for anyone at all, because we have both been on enough sites where that has happened. It is just flat our frustrating.

    We also knew that we were not getting a dedicated server, as that was just out of our league. We knew that compromising on a virtual private server was our best bet as long as we could get a good deal for it. I wanted this mainly because we would not have any lag for anyone because we were hoping that a lot of people would end up using our server for this.

    My brother wanted it not only for that reason but so we could have more control over what we would have on just a shared hosting site. He is more technically savvy than I am, so I knew that this aspect of it was a big deal for him. We looked at a few different websites that offer virtual private servers at a decent price. We ended up picking the one that has a lot of great reviews on another website we had gone to to learn more about these companies. We are paying one low price every month now, and it is so awesome to have our own server like this!