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    who-is-joshua-pellicer.jpg?1369764368I have never had a whole lot of luck when it came to getting girlfriends. I suppose that I had maybe 3 or 4 girlfriends during the entire time I was in school. That does not seem like very much, but I guess it could have been worse, and I could have been shut out. I am hoping to improve my skills with females, and I have heard about this program that is supposed to help. I want to find a the tao of badass review first, before I actually pay for the program, so that I can make sure that it is something that other people would recommend.

    From what little I know about the system, I know that it comes in the form of some videos that you can watch. I am not sure how good the content of the program will be, but I know that I learn from watching videos better than any other form of learning.