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    Blk 327 Sembawang crest - Listing #12623225, HDB For Rent, Real Estate ...Skypark residences is going to be an up and coming investment oppurtunity here soon. They will come out of the gates swinging and are likely to make you millions of dollars if you are on the right side. That is if you thought ahead and bought their stock now while it is still fairly affordable as opposed to waiting until they blow up big. You need to get ahead of the curve and buy now so you can make the money later when it really counts. Hey it may already be too late, but it does not hurt to go and find out if you can still get in on the action. It really is a sound investment and both me and my firm have invested millions into it. Because real estate is always golden, more and more people are born every day so things like apartment complexes are golden for investments.